The Greenwood Little League will have “zero tolerance” when it comes to the conduct of managers, coaches, players, umpires and spectators. This policy is to insure that all persons (parents, siblings, players, managers and coaches) can attend a Greenwood Little League game function and enjoy themselves and not have to be subjected to obnoxious individuals that can ruin the enjoyment for all.

Players and children of all ages should not have to be subjected to spectators in the stands that are negative or managers and/or coaches that cannot maintain a positive behavior before, during and after a game.

In no way are any of the following standards meant to deter a manager or coach from successfully directing their game, nor are any of the rules prohibiting spectators from positively supporting their team.


  1. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to suspend, discharge, or otherwise discipline any player, manager, coach, umpire, league officer or other person whose conduct is in violation of the Little League and Greenwood Little League Rules and Regulations and/or is considered detrimental to the best interest of the league.
  2. Negative comments directed at Managers, coaches, players, umpires and league staff will result in immediate removal of the offender. If a spectator(s) are involved, they will be asked to leave the park immediately by any member of the Board of Directors that are in attendance. If an individual refuses to leave, the game will be suspended and the local law enforcement will be called. The league has the responsibility to manage the facilities in a safe and professional manner and has the authority to remove individuals from the park that create behavior problems that interfere with the safe operation of the facility.
  3. Team personnel (managers, coaches and players) that get ejected from a game will automatically leave the playing field and go to the parking lot. They will also receive an automatic one (1) game suspension. Individuals suspended are NOT to be present at the park for team games. A second ejection in the same season will be an automatic dismissal for the remainder of the season and banned from the complex for a time decided on by a 2/3 majority vote of the local board. The decision rendered by the Board of Directors is FINAL.
  4. Team managers and coaches that are ejected from a game during the regular season will automatically be ineligible for tournament team manager consideration. The team manager needs to set an example of positive behavior.
  5. Any physical altercations with spectators, managers, coaches, players, umpires and league staff will result in the offender being removed from the park and charges filed. Offenders will NOT BE PERMITTED to return to any league game or function for the remainder of the season (including post-season and tournament play). The league reserves the right to contact the Midland County Sheriff Department to assist in removal of offender that does not follow this regulation.
  6. Parents are requested not to communicate excessively with the players during the game and they can be asked by a member of the Board to leave the park if the occurrence is frequent that interferes with the manager and coaches ability to direct the team.
  7. Any manager, coach or player that uses profanity that is directed to an umpire will immediately ejected from the game. “Trash Talking” will NOT be tolerated or permitted at any time during a team practice or game.
  8. The use of tobacco (smoking or chewing) products and alcoholic beverages in any form are strictly prohibited ON the playing field.


  1. The Code of Conduct shall be a part of the player registration documents that will require review and signature of both the parents/guardian and player at the time of registration.
  2. A copy of this Code of Conduct shall be posted for public notification on the league bulletin board located at the Concession Stand at the Ball Park.


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Print Name Signature and Date